Considered to the the foundation form for seven star praying mantis kung fu, Bung Bo Kuen contains a wide variety of tactics. Most of the northern style praying mantis kung fu systems, such as the seven star clan, contain this form. In fact, Bung Bo Kuen is one of the fist sets that is considered to be among the original sets developed by the founder of northern praying mantis, Wong Long.

This form contains all ranges of combat: long range for kicking, middle range for hand techniques, close range with trapping and throwing. Although this fist form is considered to be a foundation form it contains highly sophisticated tactics. For example there is fake tactic where a claw attack is directed to the face area while the real attack is to the knee with a side kick. This follows the expression in praying mantis which states “aim high to strike low.”

In order to judges Bung Bo Kuen’s authenticity, in terms of a seven star praying mantis form, there is a two-man version of the set. That means the form has an opposite side to it that matches the form’s application exactly. Any changes to the original form will make the two man set inaccurate.

Mastering the two-man Bung Bo fist set will set the foundation for learning the seven star praying mantis system. As well the tactics contained in this form will give the practitioner valuable fighting techniques.